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The majority of ownership or control of the business lies within a family.

The finalists are:

  • KZN Oils

  • Magnet Electrical Supplies

  • Phoenix Group

  • LHL Engineering

KZN Oils

KZN Oils was founded by the late Rajen Reddy. Esay Reddy become CEO of KZN Oils in 2021. Their children Venisha, Kerushin and Kreeshan, are actively involved in managing the various company divisions.

Magnet Electrical Supplies

The 50-year-old family business was founded by Ernest and Janice Howarth in 1972 as an electrical wire supplier. The company now plays a substantial role in the world of energy in KZN.

Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group comprises 15 companies, of which the proverbial flagship is Phoenix Cash and Carry Pietermaritzburg.

Brothers Ahmed Dhai and Ismail Dhai started the company in 1975 and it continues to be managed by the Dhai family.

LHL Engineering

LHL Engineering is a family run business led by Nelson Govender whose vision is to be ‘the-go-to engineering team’ known for outstanding quality, safety, customer service and value.


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