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High 5, We’re 65!

2023 is a particularly significant year for The Association for The Aged (Tafta) as it marks 65 years since a group of concerned young men decided to formalise an organisation dedicated to the care and support of older people.

The organisation has since grown and evolved over the last six decades but the centre has always been about the people it supports; a diverse and capable group of elders who continue to push the boundaries even in the face of adversity. Today, older people face several challenges, including retirement security, access to affordable health care and supportive sheltered housing options, ageism, social isolation and exclusion. Tafta remains committed to assisting older people to navigate the journey of ageing through providing access to care and support services, and creating environments that promote dignity, respect and inclusion for all older persons.

Tafta’s CEO, Femada Shamam shared her thoughts, saying; “We are proud of the strides and many contributions Tafta has made over the years to enhance the lives of our elderly community, and are privileged to be able to celebrate with our supporters to mark the occasion of reaching 65 years of age. We hope to continue supporting and serving older people into the future.”

“Thank you to our stakeholders; Council Members, staff, care partners, donors, media partners and affiliated organisations in the sector, government and the general public for your continued support over the years. We depend on each stakeholder to drive the objectives of our organisation forward, and while I don’t always get a chance to see and interact with everyone who is part of this amazing organisation - I know that when I speak of the amazing work we do, I am talking about YOUR efforts,” continued Shamam.

Tafta invites everyone to join them in celebrating this milestone with commemorative events, activities and programmes throughout the year. Divisional Manager of Income Development and Public Relations, Susanne Ramsunder said, “In turning 65, we want to celebrate with our community and encourage those who have assisted us in reaching this landmark to continue showing their support for older persons – a contribution of just R45 is what it costs the organisation on average to provide care and support services to one older person per day reaching over 5,000 older people in our homes and in the community. Visit our website for information on our care and support services and to easily make a donation through the donate page.”

For more information on how Tafta will be commemorating its 65th birthday, you can contact Susanne Ramsunder on 031 332 3721 / and follow their social media platforms in the weeks to come as they share details of special events.


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