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Marlene Powell celebrating fourteen years of helping businesses to grow and thrive

Marlene Powell who has owned her ActionCOACH franchise for the last fourteen years and in that time has built up a solid client base, predominantly in KZN, has spent the last 3 years helping her clients to stay on top of their business’s issues during difficult economic times. In a way of giving back to the community, Marlene has also made a point of getting her solid, down to earth advice across to SMME business owners who have battled during this time. This has been in the form of the regular Entrepreneurs Workshops that she has held with award winning businesswoman, Margaret Hirsch and a carefully selected panel of guest speakers. Over 100,000 people have benefited from these workshops in that time – both on the ZOOM and on Margaret’s Facebook Live platform. Marlene has gone on to start up two other networking platforms to help business owners get ahead – her BizCAFE B2B Business Networking meetings.

Marlene, who was the first woman in South Africa to own an ActionCOACH franchise has won many awards over the years, including winning ActionCOACH’S Global ActionMAN (woman) of the year for Africa in 2020, ActionCOACH’S Brand personality of the year in 2021 and the top coach for bringing in the most testimonials from clients.

Comments from some of Marlene’s clients:


I’ve known Marlene for the last 10 years and know the type of work she has done. I also celebrated 10 years in business this year but didn’t have the headspace for coaching until this year. Marlene was a natural choice as I know and trust her. We had our first session and it touched on a subject I need much guidance on - the numbers!


Having Marlene as my coach has been a great decision. She is genuine and says it as it is, puts challenges out to you and holds you accountable. We all need accountability partners and Marlene is exactly what my business needed, and it’s shown in all the areas of my firm. Every session excites me to attend, and she has made me a much better business owner. Truly grateful!


I am truly grateful to Marlene. Her coaching has helped take my business and my team to the next level and I always look forward to every coaching session and GrowthCLUB session.


From ActionCOACH.I thoroughly enjoy my coaching sessions with Marlene.She is indeed a great role model.


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