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Marlene Powell – Decisions! Decisions!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

As business owners we are problem solvers. In order to solve problems, decisions need to be made. But, how do we know if the decisions we make are the right ones?

When working with my clients we ensure that whatever decision we make will have either a positive or negative impact. As such it is important to ensure that the decisions we need to make are informed. This means that we take a proactive approach rather than a re-active approach to the decision-making process. Yes, easier said than done, especially when we sometimes have to think on our feet and make decisions without having time to think of the outcomes.

So, when my clients are in a position to make a decision that is within their control but not sure if it is the right decision, I give them this practical exercise to work through and guide them.

Take the situation that you are in that needs to be addressed and a decision that needs to be made.

Make three columns:

1.) What is your current reality?

· What are the pros

· What are the cons

2.) What is the ideal outcome?

that you want/need?

· What are the pros

· What are the cons

3.) What is your worst-case scenario?

· What are the pros

· What are the cons

Once my clients have done this exercise, they are given the time to process at a far deeper level of understanding whether the decision they wanted to make is in fact the right one for them. They have ascertained what the three scenarios are and then they are able to make an informed decision on what makes the best sense for what they are wanting to achieve.

What makes your decision making process easier is when you are clear of what your goals are and that you have a detailed ActionPLAN. This will help you make informed decisions as you will not be distracted by the noise that could disturb you. An ActionPLAN enables you to keep a clear mind and know that the decisions you need to make are in line with your goals and are keeping you on track towards your desired outcomes.

If you feel overwhelmed and just don’t have clear enough direction on where you are going – which will ultimately impact your decision making – then make contact with me. We can work together on what is firstly important for you right now and what steps need to be made to put you back on track. This will then make your decision-making process far simpler and give you clearer direction of where you are heading.

Contact Marlene Powell on or 083 479 4471.


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