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Marlene Powell – Sales is a science and it’s predictable

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

How much money and time would you invest to be given a formula for sales that will guarantee you predictable results?

No matter what industry you are in or how many years you have been in business, sales is key to your CashFLOW.

No sales coming in = no money coming in!

Sales is the lifeblood of every business and if you have limited or no skills in sales or limited or no interest in sales then I guarantee you that your business will have no interest in making money for you to:

1. Take care of you, your family and lifestyle, and

2. Grow your business so you can build a profitable business that works whether you are there or not

So, what is this formula I mentioned earlier?

There are five ways to ensure that you are guaranteed, yes guaranteed a minimum of a 61% increase in your profit line and a minimum of 46% increase in your sales. And through my more than 13 years of coaching business owners, they have far exceeded these growth figures – again I remind you it does not matter which industry you are in or how many years you have been in business! It is more how open minded you are to learn the right way of sales where sales comes before marketing. (Obviously if you are a brand new business just starting up or you have very few clients then of course marketing is key – see my article on marketing.)

I recently coached a client whose sales were coming in, but they were not making profit. We analysed their sales activities over a period of the past 12 months. (It is very important to take a broad spectrum and not look at one month in isolation to ensure you get a trend in your business before making decisions.)

We ascertained that although their sales were remaining constant their profits were dropping so we needed to analyse:

1. Which products and services were their most profitable?

And then

2. Which clients were bringing in the most profit?

It was important to ensure that in the following months we focused on:

1. Their products and services that generated the most amount of profit, for the least amount of effort, in the shortest space of time, then

2. Identify who their ideal target market was that would have a need for their products and services

We then identified a strategy that would support outcomes and put dedicated time aside in their default diary (Read my article on time where I expand on this very effective tool) to work the strategy to generate better quality leads that would bring in more profit.

We have seen a reduction in turnover (yes, a reduction) but a vast increase in profit and the team are not needing to work as hard due to having a strategic approach to growing a more profitable business.

Once you have selected the strategies for your specific business, we will work on implementing them together and testing and measuring the results. Our objective will be to reduce acquisition costs and increase lifetime values of your “A” grade clients to your business.

If you are serious about getting your business to have the CashFLOW to give you the lifestyle you so richly deserve and to get your business to run whether you are there or not, then take action and make a call to me and together we WILL find a way – but only if you are ready!

Contact me on or call 083 479 4471


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