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TinMan and Ultra Triathlon Series - Date Changes


B-Active Events SA, the owners of the TinMan and Ultra Triathlon Series

have made the decision to move the upcoming TinMan event on the 17th January to the 21st February. They have also therefore moved the 2021 Durban Ultra Triathlon, scheduled for the 21st February to the 14th March, the date that was previously reserved for Iron man SA.

These date changes for the events have been brought about due to the current Covid-19 resurgence and Level 3 lockdown restrictions, says Race Director Damian Bradley. “We are very sad and disappointed to have had to make these changes, but it’s the right thing to do for our athletes and for the Sport. We are hoping and praying that South African’s respect and obey the current regulations so that the events can start up again in the near future.

The Upcoming events for the TinMan and Ultra Triathlon Series are:

21st February – TinMan #1

7th March – TinMan #2

14th March – Durban Ultra Triathlon (Sprint & Ultra)

17th April – ULTRA X

Athletes who have entered any of these events will not lose their entries, competitors entries will be automatically transferred to the new date of the event. Athletes who cannot make the new event date can contact our Race office at:

We wish all our athletes a very Happy New Year and we encourage you all to respect and follow the current lockdown restrictions so that events can open back to normal soon. To enter for your next event, go to

Keep Safe and Happy Training!

The B-Active Team. Hi



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