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DRG Outsourcing, now in their 27th year of trading, continues to provide quality human resources management services to a broad range of national and international organisations



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Promoting Leadership and Employee Engagement

DRG Outsourcing, now in their 27th year of trading, continues to provide quality human resources management services to a broad range of national and international organisations as a total solutions service provider incorporating human capital administration, statutory and best-practice compliance and leadership – founded upon employee engagement.

David White, founder of DRG, has been CEO since the organisation’s inception in 1996. He maintains that, although employer administration and compliance responsibilities have both escalated and increased in complexity over the past years, so has the need for team leadership and employee engagement. He stresses, “It is the leader’s responsibility to create a sustainable organisation, and to meet stakeholder expectations and requirements. This is done through quality leadership, attraction and retention of qualified, competent, and committed people in the business.”

“Entrepreneurs and business leaders often do not fully recognise the extent of the assets they have in their people within the business, and how people can optimise the expectation of success and sustainability. At DRG, people development and engagement are your passion. We believe if people are given the right training and understanding of their work expectations; an opportunity to contribute their ideas and be involved in planning, organising and decision making; are encouraged to feel that they belong in the organisation and that their contribution is meaningful, then all organisational aims, milestones and goals become achievable.”

Entrepreneurs and business leaders’ need to realize that they cannot bear the burden of achievement of stakeholder expectations on their own, and gaining the commitment and support of team members, should be a given.

DRG’s knowledge and expertise have been gained over the many years of delivering services to enterprises operating in diverse business sectors. These services are delivered through four broadly-based service lines:

Strong HR Foundations and Compliance
DRG facilitates HR, IR and Compliance related support activities, which include implementation of foundational documents such as company policies, disciplinary code of conduct, employment contracts, job profiles, pay structures, job grading, behavioural assessment (PDA), CCMA preparation and guidance, skills development reporting, employment equity reporting, HR compliance audits, employee induction, and reinduction. Other areas of support are training on various legislated processes, employee communication forums, COIDA and UIF registrations, submissions and obtaining of letter of good standing.

Creating Productive Enterprises
DRG’s Leading Purpose process is founded upon practical experience gained over the years. It flows through three focus areas: Discover, Develop, and Deliver.

Discover: DRG designs a framework for sharing, with team members, knowledge about your business, its strategy, key value drivers, value chains, business processes, stakeholder management, critical success factors, measures, leadership styles, and employee perceptions.

Develop: DRG designs a framework for sharing with team members how the business works, to demonstrate team and individual zones of influence, to facilitate development of personal business plans, contribution measurement and feedback mechanisms as well as employee recognition and reward mechanisms. Engaged employees take responsibility for their actions and hold themselves accountable for the outcomes of their contribution.

Deliver: DRG helps business leaders uncover and integrate understandings in leadership styles, employee perceptions, team dynamics, and supports employee orientation workshops, employee capacity development programmes and, ensuring sustainable actions, communications, feedback, and corrective action as required.

Technology Support
DRG Online is a highly effective employee self-service app helping organisations manage and coordinate all HR-related transactions which include leave activities and providing a variety of support functions as uploading of employees’ payslips, IRP5s, employment contracts, job descriptions, medical certificates, company policy manuals and discipline code of conduct, and other company templates.

The aim of the app is to improve communication to staff members, make administration easier, significantly lower costs, and create greater efficiency than most legacy systems, especially for organisations with multiple and remote sites.

PEO (Professional Employer Organisation)
PEO services are provided to a wide range of local and international organisations. This service provides organisations with a solid labour law foundation, social security registrations, and employee taxation administration and guidance to support engagements with staff members.

This HR service is inclusive of a compliant human resource foundation of payroll administration, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, contracts of employment, job descriptions, employment equity, workplace skills plans and annual training record returns, and where applicable, application and submission of critical skills and general work permits.

Typically, customers using PEO services include NGOs without fully-fledged HR departments, organisations funded through government agencies as the Growth and Jobs Fund, larger organisations that require project and unusual payroll and employment support, mid-size companies wishing to focus more on core activities and not be pulled into business administration, SMEs and start-up enterprises that wish to ensure their HR responsibilities are properly structured and fully compliant.

DRG is a team of professionals, ready to support human resource function needs and requirements within your organisation and excited to provide ‘just right’ support as and when needed.

Full Name of Company: DRG Outsourcing (Pty) Ltd
Nature of Business: Total Solutions HR Company
Date Established: 1996
B-BBEE Status: Level 4 Contributor

Chief Executive Officer: David White
Operations Director: Colette Tanner
Performance and Advisory: Charles Henzi
Financial Manager: Mahendra Singh
Administration Manager: Lindiwe Bhadi
HR Best Practice Advisory: Nikita Pillay
Behavioural Specialist: Nikita Pillay
PEO Services Manager: Youshi Naidoo
Financial Administrator: Chrisanne Chetty
HR Administrator: Stephanie Munsamy
Payroll Administrator: Lucinda Francis
Payroll Administrator: Preston Gounden
HR Administrator: Liona Govender
Head Housekeeping: Angel Mtebele

Physical Address: 12 Braehead, 1 Old Main Road, Kloof, 3610, KwaZulu-Natal
Tel: +27 (0)31 767 0625

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