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Since its opening, IBV has grown exponentially and operates branches globally in London, Switzerland, Dubai and South Africa. IBV’s fast expanding industry consists of a diverse network of over 14 000 members globally



Meeting the business leader

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Ashok Sewnarain

The World’s Most Exclusive Private Vaults

IBV International Vaults (IBV) is the company behind the world’s most exclusive private vaults.

Ashok Sewnarain is the founder and chairman of the first and only private safe deposit vault facility in South Africa. In May 2005, Sewnarain opened the first private vault in Umhlanga’s Gateway Mall. “Our first site was selected because of its proximity to significant business and residential developments in KwaZulu-Natal. Also, the layout of the Gateway complex facilitates International Bank Vaults’ strict security standards,” he explained. International Bank Vaults facilities are also available in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton.

Since its opening, IBV has grown exponentially and operates branches globally in London, Switzerland, Dubai and South Africa. IBV’s fast expanding industry consists of a diverse network of over 14 000 members globally.

IBV International Vaults operates a secure safe deposit vault, which is a modern-day fortress, constructed of steel-reinforced concrete, and protected by a sophisticated, multi-tiered security system. The vaults are monitored by highly trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

IBV prides itself with cutting-edge technology that fortifies and protects your most confidential assets and valuables. The necessity of its electronic designs and high-end systems enables the company’s clientele to protect their valuables and have a continuum process of access in the most convenient way. The safety deposit boxes vary in four convenient sizes to customise your storage needs. Every assigned locker is fitted with a dual lock security system. The implementations are smooth and disturbance free, yet IBV ensures the most stringent procedures for maximum safety and confidentiality.

IBV’s clients have embedded trust in the facility to protect family heirlooms, precious metals, time pieces and priceless collections.

IBV is the ultimate location to store your most important documents which eliminate the clutter from your normal everyday files. By utilising the vault, your irreplaceable documents are protected from unforeseen events.

IBV serves as a storage of value and enables you to reliably save, store and retrieve.

Gold has repeatedly become one of the most fundamentally useful resources that exists in human society. IBV specialises in safe keeping for your precious gold and silver commodities.

IBV Gold is a division of IBV International Vaults which specialises in the trade of gold and silver commodities.

The vision at IBV International Vaults is to create the most exclusive and distinguished Supercar Club in South Africa and the world. IBV Supercar Club aims to unite like-minded petrol heads with a penchant for supercars, through monthly track days and bespoke events.

With 700 supercar members across South Africa, the IBV Supercar Club is about to go global, with members in major international cities. The IBV Supercar Club also aims to provide the best service, quality, and price (preferential insurance and finance rates) to its clients and members, harmonising with the highest of IBV standards.

IBV International Vaults prides itself in its CSI initiatives. They are a well-oiled machine with about 10 years’ experience from doing various charitable initiatives such as the IBV Children’s VIP Day. Essentially the day signifies the reversal of roles where underprivileged children from various children’s homes within the KZN area are treated as the VIPs for the day, with business leaders becoming their executive helpers for the day.

The event encompasses various activities and treats for the children, ranging from food and beverage stalls, fun and activity playgrounds, educational, career, art, music, beauty & fashion centres, and an eye-catching supercar display. The day culminates with a two hour musical concert featuring some of South Africa’s most accomplished artists.

This is a ‘cashless’ initiative and all sponsors who partake in the event do so of their own volition. This social initiative is also a perfect platform for businesses to interact with the homes in the hope that they will use this opportunity to create an ongoing relationship.

Sewnarain said, “Today these children are living in our world but tomorrow we will live in theirs. We believe that by showing these children how special they are by giving them a day just for them, we are making a meaningful difference in not only our country but our world too.”

During the 2020 Covid 19 lockdown period IBV was quick to assist the 2000 homeless people housed at eThekwini municipal shelters that required assistance. “I was able to respond quickly because I already had a team of people who were able to do the logistics. When we make a commitment, we underwrite it ourselves,” he said.

Full Name of Company: International Vaults
Nature of Business: Banking Services
Services: Safe Deposit Vault Facility
Date Established: 2005
No. of Employees: 100
Bankers: Standard Bank

CEO: Ashok Sewnarain

Head Office
Physical Address: F119, Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Umhlanga
Postal Address: P.O. Box 25294, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320
Tel: +27 (0)31 566 3984

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