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Blue Security reshape to get closer to community

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Blue Security, a leading-edge security company that has community at the centre of everything, has shifted its strategy from reach to relevance. The private security company has announced a far-reaching realignment that will ensure that it protects, innovates, and delivers more efficiently and with greater excellence touching all corners of KwaZulu-Natal – north, central, and south.

The company has always had a big vision to create safer communities where local people can thrive and the impact collectively made on communities across KwaZulu-Natal is undeniable. Over the last few years, Blue Security has embarked on a focused drive that has seen a successful partnership and side-by-side working relationship with communities, community policing forums and neighbourhood watches.

Reshaping and Sharpening Strategy

The South African security industry has been in existence for many decades with the private security sector growing as one of the biggest in the world. Our country has seen an increase in crimes and violent incidents including the recent KwaZulu-Natal unrests which has put a spotlight on the security and made the private security market even more competitive.

Blue Security’s Chief Executive Officer, Henk Van Bemmelen said, “South African security companies now must look deeper into customers’ needs, which now requires higher levels of community safety and security solutions, strategies, and communication. We need to get closer than ever before to our customers.”

Going forward, the company will leverage its existing strengths, local knowledge base and strong community ties to further entrench themselves into the north, central and south sectors, and communities of KwaZulu-Natal. Blue Security’s goal is to meet the new operational needs required to reshape the way it does business with customers and communities. This shift allows the company to unlock relevance, adapt to the fast-paced industry demands, have a competitive advantage, and remain a dominant force.

This new strategy will not only simplify the business structure, making the company and its leaders more approachable, but it also allows Blue Security to:

1. Get closer to the community and its clients

2. Get closer to its areas of operation, to understand how we operate and deliver phenomenal service and fight crime

Getting Up Close and Personal with Community

Van Bemmelen said, “As a business focused on crime prevention, we’re proud of our success as the ‘Company Doing the Most to Fight Crime in KZN’. We are now taking our current infrastructure and sharpening it as we go from big to small – making our big business better to support smaller regions and touch all KZN clients.”

He added, “Blue Security will make a shift into these three regions – north, central, and south – with the introduction of three regional directors to continuously have an eagle’s eye over the sectors and drive growth.”

Clive Samuels, regional director for the north who was previously the company’s technical director is looking forward to a new season at Blue Security. He said, “With three decades of experience at Blue Security, I look forward to harnessing my experience, the power of our existing infrastructure and available resources while adopting and investing in world-class security solutions and technology to flatten the curve of escalating crime.”

Brian Jackson, regional director for the south who was previously the company’s operations director is up for the challenge to add a local flair to the south of KwaZulu-Natal. “As an old boy of the south and now as regional director for the Number One security company in KZN, Brian looks forward to returning to help create a safer environment where local people can thrive.”

Stephen Wimborne, regional director for central was previously the company’s customer and innovations director is eager to drive change and improve the safety and quality of life of communities. “Forward thinking by nature and passionate about community, Stephen knows what truly drives the community and the importance of connecting with all to achieve shared value outcomes.”

Van Bemmelen said, “I wish our new team much success and I am confident that together, we will build safer communities for local people and take our business directly to our clients and communities.”

Blue Security clients, non-clients and communities can look forward to this exciting new journey that will make communities feel safer and heard as the company anticipates and meets their safety and security needs, going above and beyond.


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