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Carol Coetzee - Making a difference in the business and community

CAROL COETZEE is the Head of Department of Provisional Treasury for KwaZulu-Natal. She has been a public servant for 30 years and has had many accomplishments that have been at a policy and strategic programmes level.

Many people won’t necessarily know what the implications of these policies have been. However, one of them was the development of Operation Sukuma Sakhe, which became a policy directive for the entire country. The goal was to bring government departments together at community level. If a family, for example, needed to access a grant but did not have identity documents, the relevant documents would be brought together to provide a holistic solution to the household rather than having to go to three to four government buildings, which is unaffordable for many rural communities.

Carol commented that she most enjoys socio-economic development achievements, where they reach out to communities and measurable impact can be seen.

Carol Coetzee - Making a difference in the business and community

“I thoroughly enjoyed going into those communities and seeing the change in terms of giving those little ones a head-start with proper facilities and providing teachers with a formal setting to build a good foundation for these future generations.”


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