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David White - Foreign Currency Management

Sharon Constançon CEO of Constançon Currencies

In my role as a business consultant, helping business leaders Build Better Businesses, I am constantly awed by incredible business support service suppliers I meet, who are available to help organisations with effective administration, and in meeting compliance and governance standards and responsibilities. Two such service suppliers I have had the privilege to meet and engage with are Valuefin and Constancon Currencies.

Trading in the global economy is now not just for multinationals and large organisations, and in fact, there are many small niche market service suppliers that are able to tap into networks and opportunities outside of the boarders of their own country’s economies – provided they have adequate forex management controls and support. Smaller organisations, without such support, seldom have the skill and experience to navigate the parameters needed to transact within the global economy, and to ensure efficiency and legitimacy in cross border fund transfers.

Larger organisations too are recognising that managing international forex transactions is a specialist external function and are able to gain comfort from engaging with professional service providers as Valuefin and Constancon Currencies. Such organisations are able to support and navigate minefields within banking, legal and reporting requirements when transferring local currencies abroad for varieties of purchase and engagement purposes.

Sharon Constançon is a pioneer in effective forex management, and since 1988 has been instrumental in ensuring that legitimacy and professionalism is maintained within the industry.

Sharon is the Chairman of the South African Chamber United Kingdom, and through her organisations Valuefin and Constancon Currencies provides global forex solutions to large and small organisations. Valuefin is situated in the UK, helping organisations from across the globe transfer currencies from country to country, and to help them meet their personal goals and that of international banking requirements. Constancon Currencies is situated in South Africa, helping South African organisations manage cross boarder fund transfers to every corner of the world.

Global currencies are at best volatile, with spot markets constantly moving. Short-term movements cannot be easily predicted, and can have a significant impact on profit margins, customer pricing, market share indexes, liquidity, and in providing incentives. Accounting within forex transactions is also hugely complex, and effects real business and accounting profit, which are seldom the same, and create unknowns, insecurity and frustration for financial directors and business owners.

Organisations often try to create their own solutions to manage forex needs in house, which can include; excel spreadsheets to monitor and guide financial aspects of cross border transactions, setting up forex policies and committees to try to manage variances and expectations, delegating administration to operational staff with a hope that they will miraculously all dots, taking full or zero covered policy insurance to try to manage potential opportunity and risk, creating unique process solutions - which often create more problems, using instruments that appear “better” but often result in being more expensive and less flexible, and focussing on “best rate” metrics - which often creates anticipation but provides little value. Financial and operational risk exists everywhere in end-to-end forex transfer processes, and as such having a professional forex practioner in your team, who has experience gained over many thousands of successful cross border fund transfers is a welcome support.

Financial directors too are realising more and more that professional forex support is essential in managing pricing and operational expectations. They know that they themselves cannot do everything of a financial nature within their organisations and recognise that as much as it is normal to call on legal, HR and IT support, they understand the sophistication, knowledge and experience needed to manage forex effectively. Forex transactions often demand immediate attention and action, and financial directors do not generally have flexible time available. Bearing in mind too that forex management training is largely not available or accessible.

Some forex support companies limit their services to focus on providing financial rates, or focussing on basic reporting, treasury, and /or technology solutions. There is of course far more involved in effective forex management than a partial solution. Valuefin and Constancon Currencies service methodology has a deep focus on understanding each organisation’s business and internal metrics, providing bespoke solutions for specific needs, being independent and objective, as well as being a genuine sounding board to discuss ideas, issues, market movements, unique solutions, etc.

To access the expertise of Sharon Constançon and the knowledge she has gained over the past many years working in Valuefin and Constancon Currencies, for your organisation to benefit financially and operationally from her insights and expertise, please contact Valuefin and Constancon Currencies through email or through website

Business solutions as trading in forex are best left to the most knowledgeable practioners in the industry, who hold highest levels of security and integrity, and who are able to provide valuable systems and tracking tools. Valuefin and Constancon Currencies meet these exceptional standards and are ready and able to support organisational your forex transfer needs.


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