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David White - SA Chamber KZN chapter launch

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

It is with great excitement that we can share with the South African business community that on 14 September 2021 the South African Chamber of Commerce (United Kingdom) will launch its KZN Chapter.

Everyone is welcome to attend this online launch. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and passion for encouraging South African business leaders to consider trading products and services with the United Kingdom (UK).

Never has so much expectancy and demand been placed on business leaders and the economy itself, to help restore the many imbalances and inequalities that exist in South Africa today. Inequality is of course not a South African challenge only, as countries all over the world are battling to create opportunity for all groups and sectors within their nation’s broad diversities to share knowledge and linkages with business leaders and enterprises striving to access local and global markets.

The economy is no more than an accumulation of products, services and currencies swirling around in a way that supports consumer and business wants, needs and demands for their own consumption and production requirements, and for these efforts to receive financial reward.

Trading abroad is in essence similar to trading locally, but there are some critical differences. Trading globally, does in general, demand higher standards of products, services, and delivery with added complexities of ‘travel’. Companies from all over the world trade in global markets similar to the UK, and as such, competition and expectations are in most circumstances much higher than South Africa might find familiar.

Trading locally and globally both require adherence to local and foreign country compliance legislation, and very often both trading locations require specialist guidance to ensure that legislative requirements and governance norms are met. Different currencies in the South African company ledger can be daunting and often creates a dimension of risk that needs to be effectively addressed.

South Africa is particularly well suited to trade with the UK. This is based on not only our trading records over millennia, but also our cultural similarities, language, time zone, and currency alignment. This well-travelled corridor is the advantage the SA Chamber has noted, and with its passion for South African business development, this cross-border trade development has become one of the most exciting business initiatives on the KZN business community 2021 agenda. There is just no end to the SA Chamber’s stretch for new opportunities and possibilities.

The SA Chamber, KZN Launch will introduce some of the many role players who have come together to give life to this important business initiative. Speakers on the day will include, among others, Sharon Constançon (SA Chamber chairman), Moses Tembe (SA Chamber board member and Growth Coalition co chairman), Mxolisi Miyo (SA Chamber KZN chapter leader and SA Chamber Exco member), and David White (SA Chamber South African leader and SA Chamber Exco member).

Those interested in meeting the drivers of this initiative, are asked to please register with the SA Chamber on the link

We look forward to meeting likeminded business leaders and engaging in meaningful discussion and activities to help grow and develop the South African economy

For more information contact:

David White

T: +27 (0)31 767 0625


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