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Dr Thomas Volker - Experience the health benefits of Nanosilver

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Quantum.Silver has been described as magic by some people who have used the product and have experienced its benefits.

Veterinarian and businessman Dr Thomas Volker was approached by two friends who gave him a vial of nanosilver powder with the belief that he would be able to make use of the product. Initially, Volker said that he did not know anything about the product or what its benefits were. However, as a veterinarian and a businessman, he was aware of the many problems that have developed over the years relating to some resistant bacteria.

Together with his wife Monika, who is a qualified physiotherapist, specialized in Women’s Health and has a post graduate qualification in Clinical Nutrition for Humans and is also interested in alternative medicine, he spent thousands of hours researching the pros and cons of nanosilver. The product is manufactured in Germany making use of quantum dot technology. During this process every silver atom is attached to an inert molecule; the consistent size of the silver particles gives the silver complex its unique characteristics and makes it highly effective against micro-organisms. The health benefits, both for animals and humans, have been widely researched and these results formally published in many countries over the last ten years.

Volker said, “I think that the longest process was actually in my head to have the courage to use this powder, transform it into a medication by mixing it and getting the correct concentration. And then the next question was, ‘Who was going to be the first guinea pig to see if the medicine could do what the literature said it could do?’. One does not always believe in good results until you have seen them for yourself. As far as I could establish nothing had been done in South Africa with this modern technology and I needed to make that bold move.”

After a five-week trial, all the volunteers, none of which had any acute disease, reported increased energy after using the product. These results and that of the great improvement in the health of a HIV infected child, convinced Volker to pursue the commercialisation of the product and to make it available to any person who would like to buy and use it.

Volker branded and started bottling the Quantum.Silver® solution in a 500ml bottle, which is taken orally. Although people were sceptical at first, everyone who used Quantum.Silver® noticed some change in the ailment that they had and had a positive testimony. From there people asked more and more questions about the application of nanosilver which caused the product range to grow to suit the application to include a nasal spray, eye and ear drops, and topical gels as well as a capsule form. Quantum.Silver® is extremely safe and all products are naturally based without any preservatives or chemical additives. The products available have all been researched and tested before being made commercially available.

Nano silver complex can be effective in the treatment of:

  • Viral infections: flu, bronchitis, cold sores, shingles etc

  • Bacterial infections: diarrhoea, abscesses, sinusitis, burns, ear or eye infections, pimples, urinary tract infections etc.

  • Fungal infections: Ringworm, thrush, candida, fungal infections


“Our product has a very potent, broad-spectrum effect. Is it magic? Well for people who have been battling with conditions for a long time and traditional medicine has not helped, they feel that it is magic – but you can only apply it where it is supposed to work,” explained Volker.

Further information for the treatment of specific conditions or ailments is available on the website:


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