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Quantum.Silver: The word is out.

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Antibiotics not working for you?

Antimicrobial resistance happens when germs like bacteria or fungi no longer respond to the drugs designed to kill them. That means these germs are not killed and continue to grow. It does not mean our body is resistant to antibiotics or antifungals. Antimicrobial resistance is a naturally occurring process.

We have heard so much about Quantum.Silver or nanosilver or as in my case, I have come to know it as my miracle water.

How does it work?

What are the origins?

Google says you can turn silver, is that true?

Does Quantum.Silver work for acne? cancer? diabetes? and and and ….

Yes, too many questions, so we have put together a panel in the form of a masterclass discussion on the 5th April @ 18h30 sharp.

Thomas: Dr Quantum.Silver himself

Dr Thomas Volker, a veterinarian and a businessman, is responsible for evolving Quantum.Silver here in South Africa.

Monika, the post-graduate with a diploma in clinical nutrition.

Monika Volker’s passion is to help people holistically to achieve good quality of life by adopting a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition and exercise, but also adopting healthy thought processes.

Robert, the Medical Doctor.

Dr Robert Rouessart works in a general medical practice and is passionate about holistic healthcare.

So come with your ailments, aches and pains and all your questions and put these to the panel.

Just to spice things up a bit, we will be giving away 5 Quantum.Silver Family Aid Packs during the masterclass. These Quantum.Silver Family Aid Packs are valued at R1 180,00 each. They are what every family should have as part of your first aid kit.

We will be holding the discussion in the evening because it addresses the whole family and that way, we all can get involved. Remember you have to be online to win.

See you on Wednesday 5 April @ 18h30/6.30pm sharp.

If I don’t see you through the week, I'll see you on the masterclass.

Grant Adlam

KZN Business Sense

PS: I did an interview with Thomas. You might want to have a look at it before the masterclass. It provides in-depth knowledge of where this is all coming from so you will be more prepared to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

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Looking forward the Master Class

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