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Drink pink, contribute to Cancervive

Hydrate for a cause

Cancervive is a unique cancer awareness and education project that was established in response to the dire need for cancer education in South Africa, particularly in rural communities where information is not readily available, nor easily accessible.

Cleverly combining the words ‘cancer’ and ‘survive’ to create the name, this project is driven by cancer survivors who passionately believe that life is worth celebrating. They aim to educate in original, impactful and life-changing ways by celebrating victory over the disease and empowering people with the message that ‘early detection saves lives!’

Bhavna Sanker, SPAR brand promotions and advertising manager explains why SPAR decided to get behind Cancervive this Breast Cancer Awareness month. “As a business that values people and strives to create a culture of caring, it was important for SPAR to support Cancervive’s efforts, as they’re so closely aligned with what lies at our core. From 1st to 31st October, a portion of the sale of every SPAR 500ml Still Water with a pink label and cap will be donated to Cancervive to contribute towards further spreading awareness, educating and delivering a message of hope and encouragement to communities.”

The annual Cancervive flagship event, an 8-10 day motorcycle ride across South Africa and supported by more than 60 cancer survivors, supporters, crew and media, took place in September. This remarkable feat aims to raise awareness about the importance of early cancer detection and educate as many people as possible on the signs and symptoms of cancer. The visited communities are also left with the tools to identify the warning signs of the disease and to better understand and care for any cancer patients among them.

Using the platforms of dance, music, and poetry to share their cancer stories, Cancervive has been able to break through culture and language barriers for more than twelve years. They’ve travelled 26 000kms to educate thousands of people in 7 different languages, across nine provinces, in schools, communities, factories and hospitals across South Africa.

Bhavna concludes, “The Cancervive campaign members share their stories, celebrate life and encourage people with the fact that a cancer diagnosis does not automatically equal a death sentence. They honour those who have lost the battle and raise funds to help fight the disease. We are proud to be a part of this incredible mission and message of hope, and so we encourage our customers to contribute to this incredible cause, by simply purchasing a 500ml bottle of SPAR Still Water with a pink label and cap in October.”

Drink pink, contribute to Cancervive


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