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Innovation and celebrations

We have reached October 2022 and despite some very difficult times there are some glimmers of hope that the KZN economy is recovering and stabilising.

Featured on our front cover is Rob Shongwe, the CEO of Sandock Austral Energy which is the latest offering of the Sandock Austral Group of companies. Page 3.

We take this opportunity to congratulate Sandock Austral Shipyards CEO Prasheen Maharaj on his inauguration as the new president of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Page 9.

Much investment is entering the province. President Cyril Ramaphosa opened the R7.7billion expansion and upgrade project at the Sappi Saiccor Mill. Page 11.

Business Awards, recognition ceremonies as well as festivals, are on the calendar. Nineteen South Africans have been shortlisted for the Minara Chamber of Commerce Awards. Page 2.

Innovate Durban is excited that preparations are underway for the 7th annual Innovation Festival. Page 6.

The Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Chamber of Business will present its 2022 Business Awards at its annual banquet. Page 8.

The KZN Top Business Women 2022 initiative has exciting new sponsors – DRG and BusinessFit SA. Page 9.

The Conservation Symposium welcomes environmentally focused delegates to the KZN South Coast – page 13

After several months, and deliberations with business leaders on how best to create opportunity for organisations to trade effectively across borders, The Africa Marketing Initiative (TAMI) has been born. Page 16.

We introduce:

· Ndumiso Sikhakhane, the highly passionate founder of Infinity Growth Digital Marketing. Page 6.

· The Toyota Institute for Manufacturing Studies (TWIMS), which offers a manufacturing focused MBA. Page 7.

· The Icebolethu Group who introduced their corporate lifestyle products to the business community. Page 12.

Regular features include:

· Monique Labat who advises on optimising B2B linkages through vetted networks. Page 4.

· Johan van Deventer, LabourNet, comments on conducting effective payroll audits. Page 4.

· Marlene Powell, ActionCoach, who asks is marketing working for you? Page 5.

· Michael Jackson, Cox Yeats Attorneys, provides insights on electricity generation licencing exemptions. Page 8.

· Dr Fareed Amod, Crown Dental Studio, comments on some interventions required to ensure we obtain healthy white teeth. Page 14.

And for inspiration read about Oscar Chalupsky’s memoire No Retreat, No Surrender. Page 14.

Innovation and celebrations Business Sense V8.6 featuring Rob Shongwe


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