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Jacquie Bhana - Student coaching for the world of work

Jacquie Bhana is currently contracted as a coach for the Beier Group’s bursary students. Beier has a well-established bursary programme for school going learners, students that attend university and actually for students inside the organisation.

Jacquie commented, “It has been a privilege working with the Beier Group due to the absolute heart, passion and authenticity with which they treat this bursary programme. The bursary programme benefits a lot of bright minds, who are ambitious and want a better role, a better job, and greater mobility.”

The bursary programme recipients range from the chief financial officer, who attended Harvard earlier this year on an executive programme, through to candidates who are at university and technicians studying apprenticeship type programmes.

Jacquie coaches all of these candidates to deal with issues that come up in the lives such as career counselling, life coaching as well as high performance management and leadership coaching.

She commented, “What I love about this programme is that I have the opportunity to help many of these students to develop life skills, and to build confidence to operate in the world of work. It’s amazing how they open up to an objective outside coach and they’ll reveal a lot of what their needs are. I provide an absolutely safe space for them to talk. They find that they can open up about a number of issues. What I’ve found is that there is great need to sometimes talk about some of the mental health issues as well as home relationships with family.

One of the biggest needs for the external students is to have a job at the end of their studies. However, most of the students are successful because Beier recruits the best students from the most needy communities.”

The Beier Group coaching programme is facilitated by Jacquie Bhana; Beier Chief Operations Officer, Warren Sachs; Beier Group Human Resources Director Rajen Reddy; and Group Human Resources Manager, Beverley Palmer.


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