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Kim Peacock - Success isn’t a fixed destination; it’s an ever-evolving journey, a continuous process

Broker / Owner of RE/MAX Dolphin Realtors

Kim Peacock’s journey is a tapestry woven with diverse talents, a commitment to excellence, and an unyielding passion for positive change. From her artistic roots to her pivotal role in real estate and community development, Kim’s story exemplifies the power of purpose-driven leadership.

A mother of twin boys, Kim’s legacy is deeply personal. She is driven by the belief that even one person can make a lasting impact.

Fundamentally different

Kim’s journey has taken a unique and colourful path. She initially spent roughly 12 years in the film and television industry. However, her husband convinced her to join him as an agent at RE/MAX Dolphin Realtors. Together, they formed the ‘A-Team’ and had agents working alongside them.

Kim explained that one of their primary goals was to acquire the franchise they were operating under. They pursued this objective relentlessly and successfully achieved it in 2015. Notable accomplishments include holding the largest market share, outperforming their second and third competitors combined in terms of sales, and boasting the most productive agents in the region. By August of this year, 30% of their agents had earned one million rand in commission, and they aim to increase that percentage by year-end.

What sets RE/MAX apart is its fundamentally different business model compared to traditional real estate models. RE/MAX Dolphin has embraced this unique ethos and actively promotes an entrepreneurial mindset. The agency offers its agents an independent contractor’s platform, allowing them to effectively run their own businesses under the RE/MAX Dolphin Realtors banner.

Personal achievement

In terms of personal achievement, Kim highlights her success in mentoring some of their most accomplished agents, helping them transition from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one. She explains that their guiding principle is mutual benefit: “When you win, we win.” Kim is dedicated to enhancing their systems and providing comprehensive training, inspiration, and motivation to the agents under their banner.

She underscores the culture of empowerment and diversity, which is the foundation of their business philosophy. The entire ethos and the RE/MAX model are intentionally designed to embrace diversity, encourage flexibility, and foster empowerment. Regardless of one’s familial roles, educational background, or personal circumstances, as long as someone can embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, they have the opportunity to shape their own destiny under their RE/MAX Dolphin brand.

Whether an agent wants to build a business within the business or seeks guidance as a newcomer, RE/MAX Dolphin offers the support and resources needed for growth. Kim’s core motivation revolves around nurturing individuals to achieve the lives they desire by providing the business vehicle for that.

Juggling all the balls

Kim’s most significant challenge isn’t within her professional career but rather lies in striking a balance between her personal and professional life. Managing her roles as a business owner, the head of training at RE/MAX Dolphin, the KZN regional representative for RE/MAX headquarters, a devoted mother of twins, a dedicated spouse, and an active participant in the daily operations of RE/MAX Dolphin has been an ongoing struggle for her.

In her quest for equilibrium, Kim implemented a daily discipline; she wakes up at 4:30 a.m. every day to embark on a 10km run. For her, this routine transcends mere exercise; it serves as a form of meditation and solace.

Kim’s adventurous and challenge-seeking spirit has driven her to accomplish four Comrades marathons, five Two Oceans marathons, a demanding 100km trail run, and she has even made two attempts at completing a 100-mile race.

Keeping the growth

Her future goals encompass not only expanding the franchise and consistently surpassing targets but also fulfilling the fundamental aspirations within the business. She places a higher emphasis on nurturing and empowering individuals within their agency, motivating and inspiring them to step outside their comfort zones, and exceed their own expectations. Kim believes that an establishment with these values naturally attracts people. Consequently, she underscores the importance of concentrating on the existing attributes of her business and fostering internal growth, rather than primarily seeking external expansion.

Have grit

Kim imparts a resounding message to young individuals walking the path she once trod: “Have grit. Don’t surrender.” She emphasizes that success isn’t a fixed destination; it’s an ever-evolving journey, a continuous process. Kim dispels the notion that achieving or failing to reach a single goal defines success. To her, even setbacks and failures can serve as powerful teachers, illuminating new opportunities along the way. Success, in her eyes, is an ongoing expedition.

Reflecting on her nomination as a KZN Top Business Woman, Kim candidly admits that the unexpected recognition left her profoundly moved. She concludes with pride, “I’m immensely honored to be a part of the KZN Top Business Women. It’s a genuine privilege to stand among accomplished and inspirational women, and I cherish this acknowledgment.”


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