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Samantha Croft - Exceeding customer expectations

Samantha Croft is the Director of Operations for Southern Sun for the KZN region, and she also looks after the resorts in South Africa.

“I’ve been with Southern Sun pretty much all of my career,” says Sam. “I trained with Protea Hotels; I had a sabbatical and went to Sun International at Sun City for eighteen months and came back to Southern Sun, so I’ve worked my way up through the ranks.”

The position Samantha had before this one, was as the general manager of Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani. Her big project there was to join the two hotels and create one big iconic hotel, which was launched in 2012.

In 2018 Samantha was promoted to regional director of operations. Samantha spends her days working with people – both guests and employees – so she says her day comprises of people. Her daily challenges are then related to guests or sorting out service delivery issues and sometimes staff.

Samantha Croft - Exceeding customer expectations

She says, “My big thing is to try and create an environment in which people can grow. I feel that if you have that environment, people can prosper, they are happier and are automatically more motivated, therefore, they deliver on your service promise.”


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