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Jasmeena Shiba - Fostering a culture of empowerment and diversity

JASMEENA SHIBA is a director at Royal Tyres, which is a leading tyre fitment centre and part of the Bestdrive franchise. Royal Tyres is a family run business that was started by Jasmeena’s grandfather in 1939 and celebrates its 83rd anniversary in 2022. The company is South Africa’s oldest tyre dealer.

Jasmeena was born in the heart of the Indian casbah in Victoria Street, Durban and later moved to Reservoir Hills.

She studied Business Administration through ML Sultan Technikon, which led to her being exposed to many industries over the years where she also garnered international experience. Jasmeena lived in London, United Kingdom for 13 years between 1998 and 2011 where she worked as an IT Analyst for investment banks (Alexander Forbes, Deutsche Borse Bank), Media (Sky News), and Health Care (NHSU).

Jasmeena joined the family business in 2011 as the first female director at Royal Tyres, which is predominantly male[1]orientated. This, together with Jasmeena’s international business administration experience, has brought a new dimension to the business.

Jasmeena Shiba - Fostering a culture of empowerment and diversity

She says, “Being the first female director in the history of the business is a difference in itself. I have added some female qualities to the business and always look at the female aspect.”


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