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Cape Town, 26 October 2023 – The South African Chamber of Commerce UK (SACC UK) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Cape Chapter, a pivotal milestone in enhancing economic cooperation and business relations between the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The announcement was made today at the distinguished British High Commissioner's residence in Cape Town.

The Cape Chapter launch represents a significant step towards fostering innovation, collaboration, and trade partnerships within the Western Cape and beyond. With its vibrant business ecosystem and unique opportunities, the Cape holds immense potential for further enriching the robust UK-South Africa business relations. This launch marks a significant milestone in fostering enhanced bilateral ties.

Strengthening Bilateral Ties:

The Cape Chapter launch will profoundly enhance UK-South Africa relations by:

• Promoting Trade and Partnerships: Facilitating connections, fostering new partnerships, and promoting collaboration to boost economic ties.

• Encouraging Investment: Identifying prime investment opportunities and promoting cross-border investments to nurture economic growth and diversification.

• Cultivating Knowledge Exchange: Serving as a hub for knowledge sharing, spurring innovation and technological adoption.

• Celebrating Culture and Heritage: Deepening cultural understanding, nurturing tourism, education, and fostering cultural collaborations.

• Advocating for Business: Championing business interests and shaping favourable trade policies for a mutually beneficial and prosperous partnership.

In summary, the Cape Chapter launch propels collaboration, trade, investment, knowledge exchange, cultural enrichment, and advocacy, all of which contribute to a more resilient and prosperous UK-South Africa partnership.

A Message from Antony Philipson, British High Commissioner:

"As British High Commissioner to South Africa, I am delighted to see the establishment of the Cape Chapter of the South African Chamber of Commerce UK. This significant occasion will allow for the further strengthening of economic ties between the United Kingdom and South Africa. Our commitment to fostering business partnerships, innovation, and collaboration remains unwavering. The Cape Chapter launch is a testament to the Western Cape’s vibrant and dynamic business landscape and the opportunities it offers. I look forward to seeing the positive impact of this initiative on our bilateral trade relations and the continued growth of our overall economic partnership."

The Cape Chapter launch event will bring together approximately 130 guests, including prominent business leaders, diplomats, and key stakeholders. The programme includes insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and will celebrate the Cape's rich culture and heritage.

A Quote from Sharon Constançon, Chairman of the SA Chamber of Commerce UK:

"The launch of the Cape Chapter is a momentous occasion for the South African Chamber of Commerce UK. It signifies our commitment to expanding our reach and strengthening our presence in key regions. With its dynamic business community and entrepreneurial spirit, the Western Cape is a natural choice for our next chapter. We look forward to working closely with local businesses, government agencies, and partners to create new avenues for growth, trade, and collaboration."

The Cape Chapter launch event will provide a platform for businesses to connect, explore new opportunities, and contribute to the growth of UK-South Africa trade relations.

A Message from Natalie Naudé, Cape Chapter Chair:

"I am truly honoured to serve as the Chair of the Cape Chapter of the South African Chamber of Commerce UK. As we launch this new chapter, our vision is to foster an environment of collaboration and growth. We aim to connect local businesses with the global market, encourage innovation, and empower entrepreneurs. The Cape has immense potential, and through strategic partnerships, we plan to create opportunities for businesses to thrive and contribute to the region's economic development.

Entertainment Highlight: The Congo Cowboys

Adding a spectacular touch to the evening's festivities, we are delighted to introduce the vibrant sounds of The Congo Cowboys. This remarkable band seamlessly fuses the twangy melodies of American roots music with the rhythmic richness of African traditional music. Formed in 2016 by three members of the South African band Freshlyground, the Congo Cowboys have taken their electrifying performances across the globe, leaving audiences in awe with their foot-stomping music.

To learn more about The Congo Cowboys and experience their unique sound, visit their website at


SA Chamber of Commerce UK

Natalie Naudé


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