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Celebrate Life SA

Celebrate Life SA (NPO) has been involved in women empowerment and employment since the inception of our Ubuntu Micro Bakery Project in 2017. We have placed more than 230 micro bakeries nationally and continue to support communities in the placement of wood fired ovens and bakeries when funding allows, for women upliftment and empowerment. There is such a need out there for sustainable projects and we have been very successful in our mission over the years.

We are BBEE compliant and hold SED and ED certificates and we pride ourselves in our paperwork for BBEE which is submitted to you with speed!

We have a stringent process of choosing bakers who are able and keen to run their own businesses, baking 8 loaves of bread an hour and aside from bread making, they are taught the baking of snowballs, pizzas, muffins, cinnamon buns etc. Many of our bakers have become real entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses to provide wedding cakes, rolls, bunny chow etc.

We have many bakeries placed near schools to feed the children (linked with feeding schemes), very rural communities where there are no shops, in schools to feed the children etc. Many corporates support us with their BBEE spend annually but we continually seek other support to uplift our communities to enable us to place many more bakeries monthly as the need is so great.

We have recently been invited to become one of the projects under the " Goodwill Foundation ", which is being launched on the late Kings' birthday on 27th July.

We are serious about our sustainable project and as we have had so much experience in communities, we are very aware that the only way forward in our country is entrepreneurial training and sustainable living.

We ask that any company who supports women empowerment and sustainable living, consider us at the Financial Year end with their Bee spend or for their CSI projects in communities.


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