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KZN Business Personality – The winner is Esayvanie Reddy CEO of KZN Oils

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

This an honorary award given to a business leader who is an innovative visionary with a traceable success record.


Esayvanie (also known as Esay) Reddy is an accomplished business woman with over 30 years of experience in the petroleum, quick service restaurant, healthcare manufacturing, telecommunications, and distribution industry.

As an astute business leader with wealth of experience, Esay oversees sound strategic manifestation and delegation across all business functions, ensures profitability and is the chief custodian of the brand from a marketing point of view. Esay reflected that her greatest life challenge has been losing her husband, Rajen, in 2021 who has left large footsteps for her to follow.

Throughout Esay’s years of experience, she always maintained a people-first-focus, for with the empowerment of people, comes the empowerment of communities and the socio-economic growth of South Africa. In particular, Esay is passionate about empowering women and KZN Oils has over 75% of female leaders across various portfolios under its banner.

In addition, Esay is involved in a number of community projects including supplying sanitary pads to youngsters in rural areas. Another passion is to get connectivity to all the schools in the rural areas which is an ongoing programme. “We believe that education with IT will connect children to the rest of the world so that they will not just sit where they are right now,” she says.

Grant Adlam, Esay Reddy and Imraan Noorbhai
Grant Adlam, Esay Reddy and Imraan Noorbhai

In conclusion Esay says, “I have found that my determination and a strong mindset can get you anywhere you want to go. As women, we are very special, we have so many challenges from the time we are born until we pass on and yet we accomplish them with grace, stamina and most importantly with love.”


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