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Mo Vawda adding spice to the RR Foundation Gala Dinner

Mo Vawda will be adding spice to the RR Foundation Gala Dinner proceedings this Saturday 18 February. Vawda is a national stand-up comedian with over five years of experience on the biggest stages in South Africa. He will be fulling the role of auctioneer and is sure to perform this role in his unique style.

Vawda’s varied career includes: a film director of multiple international short films; a radio personality on multiple radio stations; a scriptwriter on feature films, sitcoms, series and short skits; an actor in multiple short films, skits; a feature film and a new series filmed “the talent”.

In addition, Vawda has worked as a lecturer at UKZN (MA Stats programme) and researcher on multiple projects as well as a marketing director for BBG International and DigiboyZ.

Be prepared to be entertained and persuaded to buy one of Nanda Soobben’s artworks - he is an internationally acclaimed cartoonist.


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