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RR Foundation - Strengthen Love

Gcina Mhlophe, the master of ceremonies for the RR Foundation’s gala dinner on Saturday night, poem Strengthen Love encapsulates many of the RR Foundation’s universal values.

Strengthen love, dear Africans! Strengthen love Let it stand rock solid! Christmas means nothing If we do not love each other With no compassion for one another Some go to bed with empty stomachs While others have everything Countless children have lost their parents Others swear at them, they hate them How can we grow strong When the situation is like this How will we grow and prosper? How can we be successful When we do not respect each other Where will our blessings come from? Where are we headed If we have no dedication or collaboration? We need to show each other love and humanity Strengthen love, dear Africans! Love and harmony is what we need Strengthen love, dear Africans!

© Translation: 2010, Gcina Mhlophe

Gcina Mhlophe
Gcina Mhlophe


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