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Pavlo Phitidis - What is a Brand?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Pavlo Phitidis, Co-founder & CEO, Aurik

Building a brand takes effort and a deep understanding of your values and customers. In my latest article, I share practical insights on creating a brand that resonates and grows. From understanding your customers’ values to crafting a consistent experience.

What is a brand, have you built your business into one, why does it matter, how do you do it?

Building a brand is a process that takes time, effort, and a clear understanding of what you want your brand to represent. It all starts with your first engagement in the market, whether through a product or a person. This initial engagement ignites the first transaction, which provides you with valuable insights into the market and helps you learn about yourself in relation to what you are doing.

As you continue to engage with customers, pay attention to those who come back for more and whom you enjoy serving. Double down on them as an affinity for the customers that matter is as important as an affinity for the product. Take the time to understand the values of the customers you enjoy serving and what matters most to them beyond transactions. Building relationships and getting the voice of the customer can help you tailor your brand to meet their needs.

Your brand’s personality should match the values of the customers you enjoy serving. This alignment of values and value helps build trust, which is crucial in establishing a brand. Define the experience you want your customers, employees, suppliers, and the media to have in relation to this brand personality. Avoid the trap of trying to be everything to everyone, as this leads to a lack of focus and can dilute your brand.

Craft an experience that can be reliably, predictably, and consistently delivered without you. Unless you create a relatable and repeatable experience that can scale, you cannot grow, and you cannot build momentum behind the brand.

Recruit a team that transcends the functional activity you are trying to fill. Look for people who match the activities of the job that needs to be done, and then focus on values. An excellent team can help you scale your brand and provide the experience you want your customers to have. And then invest in your brand. If it’s a secret, and nobody knows about it, where is its value? Make sure people know about your brand by investing in marketing, advertising, and other promotional efforts.

Finally, it’s essential to live and lead your brand. You are the custodian of your brand, and it’s up to you to ensure that your team understands the values and personality that your brand represents. As you live your brand, you’ll attract the right customers, employees, and suppliers, which will help you continue to grow and build momentum behind your brand.

Building a brand is a journey, but by focusing on your customers, their values, and creating a consistent experience, you can build a brand that lasts. It’s up to you to invest in your brand, recruit the right team, and live and lead your brand to success.

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