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Soobben’s Artworks on Auction for RR Foundation

Nanda Soobben, who is an internationally acclaimed cartoonist, has offered three of his unique artworks to be auctioned at the RR Foundation dinner.

Soobben was the first cartoonist to be employed by a mainstream paper when the 'Daily News' took him on as a full-time editorial cartoonist in 1985. Since then, Soobben’s socio-political statements, cartoons and illustrations have been printed in newspapers such as The Post Newspaper, The Independent on Saturday, and the Sunday Tribune. His cartoons are also syndicated to major international newspapers.

Soobben’s style is characterised by striking caricatures with intricate hatching, closely cropped to fill most of the frame, and punctuated by bold statements emblazoned across the remaining space.

Much interest is expected to be shown, by the gala dinner guests, in the opportunity to be the proud owner of one of these artworks, which are considered collectables. Proceeds of the auction will be used to finance the various projects either currently underway or in development by the RR Foundation.

Soobben’s Artworks on Auction for RR Foundation
Soobben’s Artworks on Auction for RR Foundation


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