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The Sun City Ultra is coming soon..entries close in 17 days


With only 17 days left to enter and 49 days until race day, it's time you hit the road to get training in for this awesome event.

The Sun City Ultra has one of the most beautiful settings at Sun City, making every athlete and spectators feel like they are on a proper holiday.

The Sun City course is a fun but challenging one. The swim takes place in the clean water world dam and its a short run to the transition which is infront of the Cabanas Hotel.

The Bike route is flat... flat, flat , flat. The only hill is the climb back up to the hotel and to the transition which is around 1km in distance. The run route is spectacular, and takes runners around the Gary Player and Lost City Golf courses. Its an undulating course and by no means easy, but you could spot buck, baboons or even a crocodile while on your trot.

The event is a must do and definately something every athletic person should do, whether its in a team or individually.

RACE ENTRIES CLOSE: 6th April 2022 @ midnight.

RACE REGISTRATION – 19th Hole, Gary Player Club House

SATURDAY: 10pm to 4pm

SUNDAY MORNING: 5am to 7am

BIKE RACKING: SUNDAY Morning: Ultra: 5:30am – 6:30am / Sprint: 6:30am – 7:45am


ULTRA & AQUABIKE: 7:15am (Rolling start) Individuals & Teams.

SPRINT RACE: 8:25am (Rolling Start) Individuals & Teams.

WETSUITS: A decision on wetsuits will be taken at 6:15am by TSA officials on race day, as per TSA rules

TEAMS: Teams will start with the Individuals. Tri bars are allowed for both events.

DRAFTING: NO Drafting will be allowed in both the Sprint & Ultra event. You will be warned and then disqualified if you draft.


Swim & Bike 1pm / Finish Cut Off: 3:30pm / 8hrs 15min FINAL cut off

So enter now and book you spot!

See you there!

The B-Active Team


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