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KZN Top Business Renting a car often comes with angst – complicated booking websites, hidden costs, lengthy queues, and mounds of paper work. I recently had a really great experience renting a car from Woodford Car Hire during a business trip to Johannesburg.

The great experience started from the initial visit to the Woodford Car Hire website to book a vehicle. The website was easy to navigate, and all the costs were clearly laid out with no hidden fees and a bonus discount for booking within five minutes. My booking confirmation messages were received via WhatsApp, SMS, and email so there was clear communication that all was in order.

The same ease cannot be said for my flight, which was cancelled without any notice. A new flight time meant that I was not on time to collect the car. A Woodford Car Hire friendly representative was quick to phone and enquire whether I would still be needing the car plus assuring me of personal service when I did reach Oliver Tambo International. The effort in making sure that my needs were being met really made a difference to a frustrating morning of delay. Once I arrived to collect the car my day was further improved as the same gentleman who had phoned me earlier was waiting to assist me and I was offered an upgrade.

The hire documentation was completed quickly, and the car was handed to me in person. Not having to wander around the car lot looking for the number plate was indeed a welcome extra effort, especially as I was now late for my first appointment.

The car was clean and a pleasure to drive. Returning the car, was equally smooth sailing with a Woodford staff member on hand to return the car to. On an added note, the concluding Woodford WhatsApp requested me to contact Woodford Group managing director, Essa Suleman, personally should my car hire service fall short of expectations. I can only say really great client service and that I will certainly be booking through Woodford Car Hire again. It was a pleasure doing business with them!


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