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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Bone conduction technology and headphones are receiving a lot of attention worldwide and have hit the South African market with great reviews.

Bone-conduction technology is medical grade certified technology. As sound travels faster through a solid than through air, bone conduction technology is based on the principle of conducting sound to our inner ear via the bones on our cheeks and hence bypassing the eardrum.

This is an important feature as bone conduction headphones rest on the side of the face and do not fit into or over the ear. In this way their use completely eliminates the damage that normal ear pods or headphones cause to our hearing ability.

The World Health Organization report on hearing (March 2021) states that over 1.1 billion people are at risk of permanent hearing loss due to listening to audio at harmful volumes. This is mainly caused by regular use of conventional headphones and ear pods. The youth population – especially those under 35 years are particularly at risk.

Hence, at WeHear SA, our mission is to save as many people as possible in South Africa from hearing loss due to using the wrong listening and connectivity devices. Bone-conduction devices are much safer than traditional headphones and reduce damage to your ears, especially on prolonged usage. Obviously, the volume used must be controlled to a safe level.

Bone Conduction Technology Advantages

Bone conduction technology offers many advantages over traditional earphones, but the main benefits are:

  • They do not fit inside or over your ear. So, your ear health is not impacted negatively. You are not bombarding your ear canal with high volume sound from a close range.

  • The leading cause of ear infections are by devices that fit into the ear. The human ear was not designed to have devices inside the ear.

  • Bone conduction offers what we call “Audio Freedom” with the “Open Ear Experience” which provides better interaction between the person and the environment. All ambient sounds can be heard while still connected to audio. This provides a great degree of safety from potential threats and awareness of the surroundings.

  • A bone conduction device can be worn for extended periods without any of the usual negative impacts from traditional headphones.

However, people who want to listen to high volume audio without interference from ambient sounds will not prefer bone conduction. Also there may be minor sound “leakage” so your audio may be heard by people very close to you.

Product Features

The WeHear product range are aspirational products that have been designed to offer market leading quality and features. We have purposely built the “Rolls Royce” of bone conduction headphones. We have designed the business model to make ear health, hearing and connectivity affordable but also offer the best quality product on the market.

Consequently, the WeHear OX is the world’s first truly smart headphone. The standout features include:

  • The build quality and materials used can immediately be noticed as superior

  • The sound quality from

high end Qualcomm processors

  • 8 hours of usage from just 45 minutes of charge time

  • IPX6 certified to be resistant to sweat, dust and water splash proof

  • We offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty and regular online support. Most other electronic products have much shorter warranties.

  • Dual connectivity, allowing you to connect to two Bluetoot

h devices at the same time

  • The 30ft connection range offering greater freedom. The market leading mobile app offers features that really takes this headphone into a new league.

These include:

  • A 72-language live translator. No more language barrier.

  • Learn a language feature.

  • WeConverse – allows texting in any language and immediate translation.

  • Hearing aid mode – To assist hearing impaired people.

  • Hearing test feature – Test your Ear Age.

User Profile

WeHear OX is designed to suit several different users. The busy professional who will benefit from dual connectivity. The app also removes the language barrier and ensures that ternational clients can be communicated with more effectively. All sportspersons, especially those who would like to listen to audio while engaging in their sports but need to be aware of ambient sounds in their vicinity.

Students and youth who spend long periods of time connected to devices can now do so without damaging their hearing.

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