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Honoured as the best NPO in Durban

Upper Highway Baby Home (UHBH)

The Upper Highway Baby Home (UHBH), a beacon of hope and care for abandoned and vulnerable infants, has been recognised as the Best Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in Durban at the prestigious Best of Durban Readers’ Choice Awards. This recognition celebrates the home’s unwavering commitment to providing a loving and nurturing environment for orphaned and abandoned babies.

In a mere 4.5 years, the UHBH has carved an extraordinary path, marked by consecutive community acknowledgments. The organisation’s recognition as the best community organisation for three years running, including two years as the best in the Upper Highway region, is a testament to their profound impact. “This marks the third year in a row that we have been voted the best NPO, holding the title of the best in the Upper Highway region for the past two years,” shared Kerry Stanton, co-founder of UHBH. “We are humbled by this recognition. To be honest, we didn’t even anticipate the possibility of winning the Best of Durban award, given the exceptional work that so many NPOs are doing in and around the greater Durban area.”

The essence of UHBH’s success lies in the generosity of the community it serves. “We truly are the conduits of others’ generosity,” says Kerry. With a total of 1100 beneficiaries, many of whom belong to the country’s most vulnerable populations, UHBH’s reach extends far beyond its physical premises. Our organisation thrives on the collective spirit of the community, whether it’s manifested in the form of preloved baby goods or funding that keep their operations thriving.

“Our gratitude knows no bounds,” says Gary. “We are all contributing to breaking the cycle of neglect, providing these children with a chance they deserve.”

With an alarming annual rate of approximately 40,000 abandoned babies in South Africa, UHBH stands resolutely as a haven amid this crisis. The home fosters a nurturing environment for abandoned infants and facilitates their adoption into loving families, making a transformative impact.

UHBH’s dedication to effecting lasting change was recently underscored by their hosting of the world’s largest baby shower on Mandela Day. The event garnered overwhelming community support, resulting in the collection of 15,000 nappies, 1500 packs of wet wipes, and an astounding 62 tonnes of essential supplies. These provisions will benefit both young mothers and infants in the surrounding areas, highlighting UHBH’s unwavering commitment to comprehensive care.

Gary says that the support from our community has been remarkable. “A special thank you to all who help us reshape futures and offer these deserving children the opportunities they need,” he concluded.

If you’d like to find out more about Upper Highway Baby Home, would like to volunteer, or donate funds to assist them to continue their amazing work, please visit or their Facebook page for more details.


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