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Momentous development is underway

Updated: Jul 3

The long awaited South African general elections have passed and now we have set our hopes on the Government of National Unity (GNU) to take the country on a new path.


In his weekly newsletter, President Ramaphosa said the formation of the second Government of National Unity (GNU) was a momentous development in South Africa’s democracy.


“South Africans made clear with their votes in last month’s elections that they want their elected representatives to put aside narrow interests and work together to build the country,” He added, “The success of the GNU will be measured by the extent to which we are prepared to focus not on who will govern, but on how we will govern, together.”


These aspirations give much hope for the future success of the country. In addition, there is much to be positive about especially in KwaZulu-Natal, which is showing growth in many areas of the economy.


Significant development is taking place in the eThekwini Metro, which is apparent in the various projects that Invest Durban has been championing. These developments augur well for the economy of the province as well as provide much opportunity for employment creation and the upliftment of people. Page 6


The potential for development of the blue economy in eThekwini to grow the economy and attract international investors is also of interest. Page 4


As part of the investment promotion process embarked on by the City, engagements are underway with business leaders and discussions are centred around trade and investment opportunities in various sectors including property development, education, sports, agriculture, arts and culture.


The successes of the province’s businesses and organisation is recognised and celebrated annually through the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards. These awards show that there are many good stories to tell and many businesses and organisations striving to have a purpose beyond profit. In addition, KwaZulu-Natal has a large number of home-grown brands that deserve recognition.


One such brand is SAMAC Engineering Solutions who is making an impact in the efficient use of energy through technology. In this edition we feature Mpumzi Swana, SAMAC chief operating officer, who believes in taking action to achieve his life goals and who is driven to be a responsible citizen. Page 1 and 3


The Minara Chamber of Commerce also calls for nominations in their annual recognition awards. Page 2


The articles by our regular editorial contributors include:

  • Johan van Deventer, LabourNet: Data compliance for your payroll processes. Page 4

  • Marlene Powell: Cutting through the B*S*. The reality check every business owner needs on when to cut your losses. Page 5

  • Richard Hoal and Khanya Mgebisa, Cox Yeats Attorneys: The dynamics of industry associations and anti-competitive behaviour. Page 7

  • Melissa Mungroo, UKZN Foundation: Balancing medicine and passion for empowerment. Page 9

  • Jacquie Bhana, High performance coach, mentor, and counsellor: Boredom at work can be more dangerous than burnout. Page 10

  • Liesel Kassier, Toyota Wessels Institute for Manufacturing Studies (TWIMS): Leading the transition to green manufacturing. Page 11

  • Sameer Kumandan, SearchWorks: Building trust through accurate data for financial advisors. Page 12

  • Anneme Coetzee, NLP Master Trainer: Is your leadership style holding back your team? Page 13

  • Colette Tanner, Chief Operations Officer, DRG: The servant leader paradox. Page 16 


In the coming weeks we look forward to sharing more good news on our various social media platforms. Visit and


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