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Prepaid Meters KZN - Prepaid Made Easy!

Prepaid Meters KZN was founded in 2012 and is located in Gillitts, Durban. We are a small business that services both homes and businesses. Our speciality is in electricity and water consumption management, as well as other relevant electricity and water systems with proprietary intellectual property rights.

Who do we assist?

Landlords looking to protect themselves from tenant’s unpaid electricity and water bills.

Landlords who are just looking to control your tenant’s electricity and water consumption.

Or, if you are a business, our corporate products mainly include electric energy metering devices, electric energy collection and automatic management system.

How it all works?

The meters are installed by electricians by the distribution board.

• Between the first and last day of each month the tenants buy tokens from Checkers, Pick n Pay or any Easypay outlet and most banking Apps.

• On the last day of each month all the tokens are added up and paid to the landlord’s bank account in full by the 10th of following month.

• The landlord then takes that money and pays the municipality bill.

• Breakages and theft of the meter must be covered by the landlord’s insurance.

• One year guarantee on meter.

• No extra cost to landlord for revenue collection.

• Tamper proof is an available option.

• No horrible surprises of unpaid large electricity bills.

Why is Prepaid Meters KZN the best option for you?

• No outstanding debts • No collection hassles • No credit problems

• No administration • Easy management • No arrears collection

• Risk and hassle-free • No tenant disputes • Continuous support

Prepaid Meters KZN

Prepaid Made Easy!

For more information, contact Sharleen

Contact: 031 764 0139

Whatsapp/Cell: 083 525 8749


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