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Arch launches Arch Fuel, all-in-one integrated forecourt solution

Arch Retail Systems, renowned for innovative solutions, is proud to announce the latest addition to the Arch suite of solutions, namely Arch Fuel (AF). An integrated solution was developed to answer the call for local technology in an all-in-one forecourt/convenience store management system. Traditional fuel retail sites have two separate solutions for the forecourt and the convenience store, resulting in two different sets of operational and management requirements. Convenience store software options are sourced locally, whereas forecourt solutions are mostly imported technology. It goes without saying that imported forecourt solutions are influenced by exchange rate and are relatively expensive. Arch Fuel is locally developed and supported, resulting in a cost-effective solution with regular software enhancements.

AF provides the local fuel industry with complete control while reducing operational complexity. It is less of a management burden with one integrated software solution addressing the needs of both the convenience store and forecourt – one solution providing consolidated management control and performance reporting.

Arch Retail’s convenience store software component is developed on years of retail operational experience. Its primary objective to effectively execute inventory management and margin control. The solution further offers integrated value adds critical to a convenience store, such as EFT, pre-paid airtime/electricity, loyalty/rewards system, electronic shelf labels (ESL), Arch Financial Integration (AFI) and Cash Handler.

Solution architecture was driven by the latest requirements in the forecourt. AF caters for attendant tagging, vehicle tagging and tank gauging. It also provides an alternative to the tagging solution, a scanning solution where you scan the nozzle bar code for authentication and the vehicle licence disk/bar code for account authentication. A payment solution on the forecourt makes for easy and fast processing. Arch debtor functionality is offered for the convenience of forecourt customers. Arch Fuel is compatible with a variety of pump types/manufacturers.

For more information on AF and to contact us:

Arch launches Arch Fuel, all-in-one integrated forecourt solution
Arch launches Arch Fuel, all-in-one integrated forecourt solution


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