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Catch Lindsay Hopkins live at the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women 2021

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Humanitarian and KZN Operations Manager at SA Harvest Lindsay Hopkins is the KwaZulu-Natal operations manager for SA Harvest, which focuses on food security and is primarily a food rescue organisation. Her work in the field of food security began during the Covid-19 pandemic when she took on the position of KwaZulu-Natal coordinator for the C-19 People’s Coalition, an organisation which was formed in response to the food crisis resulting from the lockdown. From there, Lindsay founded The Farmer Exchange whereby she sourced fresh produce that did not meet retail standards, to use for food hampers and to sell at prices that benefitted the community and the farmers.

Ten tons of food goes into the landfill every year that’s almost a third of all food that is produced. There are 19 million people who are cold and hungry every day, so if you do the calculations, nobody should go to bed hungry. It’s a basic right that people get food in their stomach,” she said.

Click on this live link and be part of Lindsay Hopkin’s inspirational journey.

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