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Catch Marilyn Beuster live 18th Nov 6.30pm Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women 2021 Gala Dinner

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Founder Marilyn Beuster Wellness, Yummy Keto, iTravelsmart Marilyn Beuster lost 40kg of weight in a short period of time only for her to rebound to her then original weight of 120kg. She found the need to do a reset over the following year, and lost 60kg and has kept it off with a formula of whole foods, intermittent and prolonged (healing) fasts ever since.

Marilyn was forced to close her travel agency doors when the Covid-19 pandemic closed travel and borders. However, she still had people commenting on her weight loss, and how she had managed to keep it off. That birthed her guided three-month wellness coaching course, and her new company “Marilyn Beuster Wellness”.

Marilyn and her husband created a range of foods which they put into production under the ketogenic genre. “YummyKeto” went into a local home produce store, and fast led to the bigger chain stores buying into this story of health.

Click SAVE YOUR SPOT and be part of Marilyn Beuster’s inspirational journey.

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