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Charles Dlamini - founder of STE Scaffolding

CEO Charles Dlamini

"I didn’t know anything about scaffolding but what I told myself was that I have to learn and gain experience in this field and not worry so much about the rate I was getting. Gaining experience was my concern at the time, I knew I had it in me to do and become more".

Positive Mindset, Patience, Respect

Today, STE-SCAFFOLDING is an established scaffolding solutions provider who supply, erect and secure scaffolding and formwork, servicing mostly the construction, industrial, commercial and mining industries.

STE-SCAFFOLDING has a professionally qualified contingent of scaffolding engineers, technicians and workers who, together with a meticulous quality management system, provide consistent safe, cost-effective winning results every time.

Their infrastructure empowers them with the capacity to deliver large as well as small projects in budget and on time.

STE-SCAFFOLDING was established by entrepreneur Charles Dlamini as an energetic and dynamic scaffolding enterprise in Durban in 2010."

STE Scaffolding SA


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