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Digital Twin to help Belgotex make efficient carpets

Digital Twin Consulting is helping international carpet manufacturer BelgoTex to streamline its internal processes to create significant efficiencies with the deployment of ‘Pigeon’, Digital Twin’s cellular IoT Edge device.

An essential ingredient in designing production layouts and processes that increase productivity, eliminate wastefulness, and reduce costs while also maintaining quality is the ability to measure performance at each manufacturing step and to understand systems-level interactions.

By automating this process, and centrally reporting the results and inputs throughout the carpet manufacturing plant through the quick deployment of a Cloud-based industrial monitoring solution, Digital Twin Consulting combines Thingstream, u-blox’s IoT communication services to extract the hidden value of operations at BelgoTex.

Specifically, Digital Twin has enabled BelgoTex to achieve the following:

  • A real (or near real) visibility of energy and productivity metrics across vertically integrated processes • An improved environmental performance • An increased performance in asset utilisation • A reduction in operating expenses and waste

As Richard Creighton, CEO, Digital Twin, explained: “Pigeon provides the quick deployment of cellular connectivity that we need in challenging environments such as traditional manufacturing plants. u-blox’s Thingstream makes it simple to get IoT data from the device to Cloud management platform where we can transform and optimise the plant and deliver a true return on assets.’’

Said Ed Colle, CEO of Belgotex: “Layering tech into a traditional manufacturing environment is exhilarating because you know you are going to see your world through a new lens, but finding the right partner that appreciates culture, has the emotional intelligence to leverage what has worked well and make it more dynamic is truly unique. The value we have been able to unlock together is incredibly powerful!”

Credit: iot insider - SAM HOLLAND



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