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Durban International Book Fair

The RR Foundation engaged enthusiastically with the Durban International Book Fair at their inaugural event in 2022.

The Durban International Book Fair was held from 1 – 5 August 2022 at Sibaya Conference Centre. The event showcased a range of local writers, publishers and budding creatives displaying their talents for storytelling. The RR Foundation was approached to exhibit through their publishing house, Nadim Books which provided the perfect platform to launch their latest publication, The Art of Storytelling.

The event gave the RR Foundation an opportunity to present its Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppetry) project to a local audience and highlight their partnerships with the World University Association for Community Development (WUACD), Airlangga University and Durban University of Technology (DUT).

The presentations were well received, with exciting engagements with the eThekwini Library Services Unit, the KZN Department of Arts and Culture and the National Arts Council. The RR Foundation intends engaging further with these bodies at the correct time.

The exhibition also enabled the RR Foundation to engage with schools, university students and budding writers. A few other institutional partners were in attendance including Confucius Institute and the Durban University of Technology.

Durban Book Fair
Their exhibition stand showcasing the Art of Story Telling and RR Foundation. Seen here with students from Eduvos.

The theme of the Durban International Book Fair 2023 is “Books and Beyond”. Leading up to the fair, the RR Foundation will be going on a drive to establish a few book clubs across communities in KwaZulu-Natal.

Part of the drive includes supplying schools and book clubs within primary and high schools with books or things to read for the year. This supply will then generate a competition to see, not only who reads the most, but who can produce the most outcomes in terms of writing, poetry, and performances.

The RR Foundation will select some of the high performing outcomes to be published into another book which will be promoted at the Durban International Book Fair 2023. The Foundation would also like to invite some of those youth to perform at the book fair.

For more information

Nadim Aziz , CEO of the RR Foundation

Yashna Sookoo, Fundraiser of the RR Foundation

Mbuso Dlamini, Marketing Manager of the RR Group


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