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Kim Dyason, fine jeweller,goldsmith, mentor and entrepreneur

Kim Dyason is the owner of Studio 39 Jewellery Design in Kloof and founder of Jewellers by Design. One of her greatest achievements says Kim is being in business for 29 years as of July 2023, which has been a huge milestone to reach. Kim’s passion is engaging with clients and designing bespoke, unique pieces that are timeless, wearable works of art.

From the initial consult, through the design journey to proudly presenting the completed heirloom piece that evokes fabulous reactions, she is very hands on, and loves dealing with her clients one on one. Nothing gets lost in translation, the passion Kim’s clients have for their design is received as an energy that cannot be translated down a production line. She is part of every step in the process, leaving nothing to chance. She added that when she is designing for clients, she likes to get a feel for who they are. Kim explained, “Great love is poured into every piece, and I understand the sentimental meaning behind every piece. I want to create something that’s going to be meaningful for you.

It’s not about me. I want to see smiles on people’s faces when they put on their piece of jewellery. I sell happiness. It’s so special.” Many of her clients are now firm friends and are based all around the globe. A family jeweller is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity these days. It involves so much more than just trust. The Studio 39 Jewellery Design can also remodel old jewellery or produce a new item using their clients’ stones. Kim explains that for her design work she looks for inspiration in her love of nature. “I love nature. I get a lot of inspiration from nature and natural gemstones. I find that if I’m designing for myself the stone tells me what it wants to be.” Recently selected as one of KZN’s Top Business Women for 2023, she designed a beautiful gold pendant to wear for the gala event. As you will always find fresh orchids displayed in Kim’s shop, this spectacular pendant was based on the indigenous orchid Aerangis mystacidii, which is found in KZN. Kim used some licence to make the orchid larger than life.

This elaborate pendant is a prime example of what Kim and her goldsmiths can produce. Currently, Kim is collaborating with people who aren’t jewellery designers but have creative concept ideas. She added that working with them to create jewellery that they can go on and make an income from is ‘absolutely divine’. “My daughter is a zoologist, her range is Pangolin inspired, so she can give back to her community, donate to wildlife and create employment. There’s just so many ways you can give back and be creative at the same time.”


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