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Isabeau Du Preez driving a solution to load shedding

Isabeau Du Preez, is the owner and founder of Dolphin Coast Solar Solutions. From humble beginnings in Ballito, Isabeau has recently expanded her business’s reach far north and far south, even extending her influence to Cape Town.

Isabeau Du Preez driving a solution to load shedding

Speaking of her motivation to start the company she says, “I started the company because I like to find solutions. “Obviously we’re all in the same position with load shedding. We all have the same problems and I’m there to help you to find a solution. And for me, it’s not just about putting a system on your roof.”

Of note, Isabeau strives to educate her clients and is there to help them achieve their goals. In addition, Isabeau is inspired to make a difference, not just only in her community, but globally as well. She believes that as solar energy is clean and sustainable, its use can make a massive difference to our planet.

The field of solar technology is complex, and Isabeau’s approach involves educating her clients about products, their warranties, and the importance of choosing the right solution – which may not be the cheapest. It’s about offering comprehensive, sustainable energy solutions and guiding her clients to make an informed choice. “Research, ask questions and educate. That’s what I do,” said Isabeau.

A noteworthy achievement for Isabeau is that Dolphin Coast Solar Solutions has recently been voted as Best of Ballito in solar installations. This was in less than a year of operating, as a startup company and a female owner.

However, Isabeau’s accomplishments extend beyond the business. She has built invaluable relationships and connections with her clients, which go beyond a typical business-customer relationship. She commented, “I literally see the business as my baby, and I have grown with my business. I’ve built connections with my clients and it’s a very rewarding job to have.


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