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It is our pleasure to welcome Frikkie Brooks as a panellist on Monday 7 December at 10 am

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Frikkie Brooks has a long history, as well as much experience, in strategic and spatial planning as well as development facilitation in the public sector.

His 40-year career in the government sector include being the former:

· Acting Head of Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (KZN)

· Acting Director-General of KZN Province

· Deputy Director-General: Strategic Management in the KZN Office of the Premier

· Head of Secretariat for the KZN Provincial Planning Commission

In his role at the KZN Provincial Planning Commission, Brooks was responsible for overseeing the establishment of the new provincial growth and development strategy and plans for the province. In addition to the strategy’s development he was responsible for getting it institutionalised and implemented.

Brooks is now the director of Brooks Facilitation Services which focuses on guiding business, civil society and/or government entities to develop clear strategies to achieve corporate or project specific goals. This guidance is provided through structured engagements aimed at developing win-win solutions.

See you online.



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