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Jeesan Vather – No.1 ranked Bosch car service centre

What makes DNA Auto Centre unique?

DNA Auto Centre is a premier car service centre in Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal. We are one of the largest and busiest Bosch certified, AA quality assured service centres in KZN and we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service.

DNA Auto Centre is owned by three brothers – Dinesh, Neren and Ashen – who are all under the age of 35 and run some of the best Bosch Car Service franchises in South Africa. Our directors are hands on and actually work on the customers’ vehicles as well as check service standards personally. We always maintain our high service standards and

remain market leaders in our field.

You are the number one ranked BOSCH car service Centre, and have a maintained RMI five-star graded facility. What is the reason for the incredible Google ratings that DNA Auto Centre receives?

The Google ratings are from our customers, and those amazing reviews are the impartial comments left by our satisfied clients who want to share with others the type of service experience they have experienced at DNA Auto Centre. We don’t just service cars; we provide a unique service experience, and we provide solutions to people’s motoring needs. That’s what sets us apart from the rest. We want to provide a ‘wow’ service experience, so that when customers go home it becomes a point of conversation among friends and family. Our biggest source of referrals comes from our customers.

DNA Auto

Centre has been successful in creating customers, that create more customers for us. We as DNA are destined for fantastic things…

What are the benefits to bringing my car, as an individual to be serviced by you?

The DNA Auto Centre is not just about servicing your car. You become part of our family. DNA Auto Centre is here to look after your car so that you can carry on with your life. We also offer breakdown services and a pickup and delivery service. We have an industry leading service facility and offer high levels of customer service. Our service reception is a coffee shop environment, and we have a business centre with free wi-fi, and a copy centre. This environment allows our busy clients to continue with their day’s work for an hour or two, whilst their vehicle is being serviced by our expert technicians. Franchise dealers will tell you that you are obligated to service your vehicle with the franchise OEM agent for the duration of the vehicle warranty in attempt to keep customers with the franchise agent for a longer period of time. The reality is that whilst under warranty, franchise dealers have held on to the right to service your vehicle. However, in reality, customers can bring their vehicles to us for repair to wear and tear items such as wiper blades, tyres and brakes, or any other item not covered by the OEM agent warranty.

Of course, this will change when the Competition Commission rule in favour of the Right2Repair campaign (R2RSA). What this means is that vehicle owners will have the right to have their new vehicles (that are still under factory warranty), serviced at our award winning service facility. Our technicians are constantly being sent on training courses so that we have the latest technical data and repair capabilities. This level of technical ability enables us to service any model of vehicle.

What services do you offer to fleet owners?

We handle many vehicle fleets, some comprising of up to 2000 vehicles. We pride ourselves on our fleet maintenance department. We keep fleet vehicles on the road, and we minimise the down time as we understand that fleet companies need to keep moving. We carry out evening services for fleets, as well as servicing over the weekends. Through time management and work processes, we have engineered a way to manage the fleet company’s expectations in terms of getting their vehicles back on the road within the shortest possible time.

Do you offer any additional benefits to fleet companies?

Fleet companies are entitled to special service and labour rates. We have a free towing service, we have an after ours call out service, an in-house diesel centre, and an in-house auto electrician. We don’t send our work out, as we have all these experts in-house.

From which areas do you draw your customers?

We have customers through-out KZN and from as far as Eastern Cape, who are prepared to bring the vehicles to us because we are the best at advanced vehicle diagnostics. Clients from other provinces use us as a preferred service centre when they visit KZN.

What back up services do you have in South Africa?

Being a part of the largest aftermarket car franchise in the world – Bosch Car Service – means that we carry a national warranty on all services and repairs that we carry out. We also offer a free one-year AA assistance to all our customers who service with us.

Where is DNA Auto Centre situated?

DNA Auto Centre is conveniently situated at Unit 22, Greenfield Business Park, which is on the corner of Chris Hani and Rinaldo Road, Durban North. You can Google us on Google maps and that will bring you right through to our front door.

Contact us on

T: +27 (0)31 569 1417

Facebook: DNA Auto Centre-PTY Ltd

Instagram: dna_autocentre



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