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Kemlyn Pillay - HUMAN • TECH • SOLVED

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Geek Managed Services is a technology services business with 25 years of experience in providing connectivity solutions, IT management, cyber security solutions and cloud centric services to small to medium businesses.

“We are not your traditional IT services provider; we may be able to provide those traditional services solutions, but we always aim to do so in a very humancentric way. I think that this is a core differentiator for us in this market,” says Kemlyn Pillay, general manager, Geek Managed Services.

Pillay added that Geek Managed Services has cracked the code in supplying IT services that are based on the philosophy of Human Tech Solved. “What that is that we are a team of eternally curious people. We don’t just show up at work and try to close tickets. We are curious about solving our customers’ problems and we are driven to solve our customers unmet and unarticulated needs with great tech solutions. I like to say that we are customer obsessed and hyper focused on the customer experience with us.”

Geek Managed Services strives to build relationships with its customers as a partner in their businesses. The team makes a point of trying to empower their customers and getting them to use the technology at their fingertips a lot better and enjoy what is provided to them.

“We are able to align your technology with your business aspirations. Rather than being a hindrance and a cost factor in your business we want to be an enabler. There is a professionalism that is needed in the growing Durban market – and this has been a very proud thing for us to champion in the tech industry,” explains Pillay.

Geek Managed Services is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has five cloud competencies across multiple cloud disciplines namely Microsoft Cloud Platform, Data Analytics, Datacenter, Application Development and Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions.

“We are very proud of our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner and we are always pushing ourselves to learn more and grow our roles and our business solutions. We always want to solve the modern workday problems with awesome cloud solutions.”

In the current workplace environment, Geek Managed Services have had to come up with new solutions and its Virtual Managed Service is a current service offering which also responds to Covid -19 considerations. This service takes care of all your IT and technology services in the business at a fixed cost per device. This includes cloud applications and modern workplace requirements through Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Solutions. Cyber security is managed with Black Fog.

Geek Managed Services has a custom application which is called Virtual Geek and that is a device management tool that is used to provide proactive and routine maintenance for businesses. All devices such as laptops and desktop computers can be taken care of with this application.

“The great news is that wherever your team is, we can take care of your IT needs without having to be in front of you or in your business premises,” added Pillay.

In addition, Geek Managed Services hosts virtual workshops for its customers. These sessions cover a range of topics from general home wi-fi trouble shooting issues, to how to get the most out of your home internet, to data privacy and protecting your company’s data. The details of the workshops are available on the Geek Managed Services website. These are also offered in person to businesses if required – with all Covid-19 precautions in place.

“Most of our clients start with an initial consultation where we get to know the business and the “pain points” and then we can recommend a workshop to enable your business and team to be more efficient as well as can save you money through better use of technology. Adoption of technology is key nowadays and a lot of businesses don’t realise that’s what makes a difference,” concluded Pillay.

All of Geek Managed Services are available on their website and their app is available for download from Google Play or the App Store.


T: +27 (0)31 566 8080




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