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Key Truck New Germany – Leading the truck market

With a rich heritage of 47 years as a dedicated Isuzu Truck Dealer, Key Truck New Germany supports the Key Motor Group as South Africa’s largest privately owned vehicle distributor to all fleet operations. Key Trucks and Isuzu are affiliated to a nationwide and cross border network of 38 dealerships that offer a 24-hour service and breakdown recovery.

Isuzu Trucks is the market leader in the medium, and heavy truck segments and has retained the number one position for seven consecutive years in the commercial truck segment.

The range of commercial trucks available are:

· The N-Series in the medium segment 1.5 – 5 ton market

· The F-series in the heavy segment 5.7 – 18.7 ton market

· The FX-series in extra heavy 17.5 – 19.9 ton market and truck tractor market

All Isuzu trucks come with a two-year unlimited mileage factory warranty and a three-year unlimited mileage rust warranty.

Key Truck New Germany’s fleet customers are rest assured of quality service. The dealership’s sales executives take the time to obtain in-depth knowledge of each customer’s operation in face-to-face appointments. “We want to find out what is the need. We would like to take the guess work out of trucking,” O’Neill explained.

He added, “There are four important facts we keep in mind when we deal with fleet customers. The first thing is the customer’s profit and convenience. The second is that we try to provide value adding solutions for the customers. Thirdly, we would like to act as a consultant – we want to be the go-to person for expert advice. Lastly, we want to build a long-term business relationship. We firmly believe at Key Truck New Germany that buying is a moment but to own a truck is a lifetime.”

After the sales executive has met with a client a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is formulated. Each truck starts with a chassis and through the truck science programme the truck is designed for its purpose. The USP is a seven-point business plan proposal that will assist the fleet customer with their decision to buy the vehicle.

The USP includes the vehicle:

1. Payload and payload distribution

2. Routing with waypoints for delivery

3. Performance summary, average fuel consumption per hour, average speed

4. Vehicle finance options such as full maintenance lease, month to month lease or instalment sale

5. Vehicle service or maintenance plan

6. Vehicle costing breakdown, including fixed costs such as driver wages and insurance and variable costs such as fuel

7. Vehicle specifications

All this information results in a cents per kilometre running cost calculation. An operator who is doing logistics can then work out what to charge customers in order to make a profit with that truck.

“The reason why we do this is because if that logistics business fails, we as Key Truck New Germany fails,” commented O’Neill. We see ourselves as the experts that our customers can rely on for advice. There are a lot of hurdles but there are a lot of customers that need us. We take it quite seriously at New Germany that you have to buy the right truck,” says O’Neill.

In addition to sales, the New Germany dealership offers after sales service and is open on Saturdays for services and does night servicing of trucks. Overnight facilities for out-of-town drivers are available when trucks are being serviced. For peace of mind and convenience, the dealership has 24-hour security. “So, any time at night if a truck driver wants to leave, he can take the truck and go back to Jo’ burg,” explains O’Neill. “We also have a truck parts department and an Auto Body Shop for accident repairs as well as Key Hire if companies want to hire vehicles. The Isuzu brand offer break down facilities.”

For more information contact

T: +27 (0)31 713 3111




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