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KZN Masterclass on HR & Compliance with Nikita Pillay

Nikita Pillay from DRG Outsourcing gave us an informative and well explained understanding on HR & Compliance and of the procedures involved.

HR & Compliance Masterclass covered the below important points

  • Foundational Documents (Policy Manual / Disciplinary Code)

  • Fair Labour Practices - BCEA & LRA

  • Registrations / Letter of Good Standing (SARS / Dept of Labour)

  • Importance of Induction and Orientation of Employees

  • Understanding the Probationary Period

  • Different Types of Employment Contracts

  • Job Descriptions

  • Salary Benchmarking and Grading

  • Disciplinary Processes

  • Performance Management

  • Employment Equity Reporting

  • WSP / ATR Reporting to the SETA’

  • HR & Compliance Audits

  • DRG’s HR Articles Booklet

NIKITA PILLAY attributes her success to a powerful cocktail of positive peer pressure, perseverance and a lucky break. She grew up in a large, loud and happy family, with three sisters and a brother, but there was no chance of a tertiary education after school


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