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Magdelene Van Der Walt - Founder and director of The Busy Bookkeeper & Partners

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Mags van der Walt is the founder and director of The Busy Bookkeeper & Partners. After starting out as a sole proprietor in 2015, the business was formalised as a registered company in 2017. The Busy Bookkeeper provides small businesses with accounting, tax, payroll, and secretarial solutions.

They also offer advisory and finance assistance. Mags has got to where she is today because she is determined and has a solid WHY. In her case, giving her family and herself a better life was the driving force behind every decision she ever made.

The twelve women featured in the Sep edition of Business Sense, are the first of those that are being recognised in this year’s KZN Top Business Women powered by DRG, BusinessFit and Mangwanani African Spa initiative. We look forward to introducing the remainder of our 2023 participants in the October edition of Business Sense.


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