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Naeem Asvat – SAICA business emergency room

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a number of changes and difficulties to the business world, to the extent that many businesses are in distress or even on the brink of business rescue.

The SAICA Business Emergency Room will offer businesses support through access to a panel of business advisory experts. This service is purely an advisory service and not an implementation service. The primary target market is business, including members in business and members in practice that service business.

If you or your business need help, kindly register at the link below to get in touch with an expert who will give you advice, free of charge.

How the Business Emergency Room programme will work After registering, business owners will be able to set up virtual or telephonic appointments with the experts, to have a consultation/advisory session at no cost. Sessions will be limited to one (1) hour each. SAICA will facilitate these meetings between 18 January 2021 and 29 January 2021.

The specialist areas of advisory are:

· Cash flow management

· Funding, grants, incentives applications

· Business strategy

· Business continuity processes

· Business rescue

Please follow the SAICA Business Emergency room Application form at to register. Email for more information and enquiries.

Note: This service will not be dealing with issues of tax measures related to the Disaster Management Act and UIF related matters.

For SAICA’s content in this regard, visit



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