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Ndumiso Sikhakhane - Create content that drives traffic across your digital platforms

Ndumiso Sikhakhane - Create content that drives traffic across your digital platforms

As business owners we all know that generating leads and making sales is essential in keeping our businesses open. Driving traffic and sales through digital platforms has become one of the most effective and sustainable methods for businesses. Developing and publishing good content gives you the ability to teach and entertain your audience, while elevating you or your business as subject matter experts.

When you create content that’s targeted at the right people and solves their problems, they’re more likely to take notice. And if they find your content valuable, they’re more likely to share it with their networks, further extending your reach. Being consistent with quality content may take time to get right; always keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another. Don’t be afraid to try different types of content to see what works best for your digital platforms and your audience.

1. Create Informative & Educational “How to” Posts

Most people come to the Internet to learn something, and for this reason it makes sense that “how-to” posts tend to do well. These types of posts are also great for organic traffic, as search queries on Google and YouTube often start with “how to….”

The easiest way to create this content is to figure out what problem you want to solve. What common problem does your audience seem to have? From here be able to demonstrate the process of how to resolve your audience’s problem.

2. Opinion Posts & Content

Social media allows people to express their views and opinions, so why not share yours? Although coming up with ideas can be intimidating, this kind of content has the ability to stir up emotions in others. People will either agree or disagree with you – which results in a lot of likes, shares and comments if done well. I always advise that opinion posts should tackle a hot topic issue and be written in the first-person. The more opinionated your opinion is, the more it will spread.

3. Make Use of Images, Video & Infographics

While some people like to read, others are more visual. An infographic takes information and presents it in a totally different way. Not only does this make the information easier to digest for your audience but makes it more interesting. As most people have a limited attention span, images also make content simpler for your audience. So, unsurprisingly quality images tend to get shared more often than standard text.

Videos are just as tempting. Why? Videos keep audiences engaged while requiring them to do just about nothing. They have the ability to convey a message in a memorable way. You can share existing videos of products, behinds the scenes clips, video testimonials and webinars, to your landing pages. Video content has become a tool that no business should be without.

4. Create Compelling Case Studies

Case studies are proven to tell compelling stories. When creating a case study, the story must explain your product, service or concept, and its results. Before you tell your story, pick something your ideal reader can easily relate to. It’s very important to explain who the case study involves, their goals and needs, any challenges they face, include statistics and real numbers. When drafting a case study, think of it as explaining a success story rather than an actual ‘study’. Allow your audience to then share their views through comments.

Creating content that drives traffic to your digital platforms can feel like launching a whole startup. The biggest challenge for business owners is knowing where to start, or even which strategies or tactics will make the biggest impact. But the easiest way is to start by understanding your target audience’s biggest problems and pain points. When you have a feel for their struggles and desires, then map out your customer value journey in solving their problems.

Once this is achieved, ensure you draft a content plan in the form of a document that you’ll use to implement your content strategy.

All the best with this process. See you online.

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