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Palesa Phili – Economic impact of cancelled events over the festive season

The announcement to cancel large events by Premier Sihle Zikalala comes at a time that traditionally is a busy and economically important period for the region. Having events over the festive period translates to positive economic spin-offs for local businesses.

However, it is a fact that the infection numbers are increasing exponentially, and we are therefore supportive of measures that will reduce risk to the lives of our citizens which, in turn, will aid economic recovery in the long term. Despite the decision announced by the Premier, we remain optimistic about Durban.

If we are able to get on top of the infection rate in the short term, the better positioned we will be to avoid deeper losses for the economy and make the road to recovery for businesses more achievable.

As the economy gradually reopens, we can expect to see increased economic activity. We believe that continued cooperation between the public and private sectors is key to regaining control of the infection numbers. It is critical that we all stay focused on achieving a decent balance between the preservation of lives and livelihoods. We therefore urge both corporate and community citizens of eThekwini to continue to adhere to safety protocols, obey all applicable bye-laws and respect fellow citizens in order to defeat Covid-19.

It is critical for businesses at this time to continue to innovate and be agile in order to adapt to the changing circumstance brought about by the changed restrictions and regulations. Staff training refreshers and candid family conversations around Covid-19 at this time will serve us all well to avoid more serious consequence.

For more info, contact the Durban Chamber on:

T: +27 (0)31 335 1000



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